About Us

June 21, 2016

A bit about us:

Pride Park Archers is an established, family-oriented, field archery club. We were set up in 2006 by a small group of experienced archers. Our aims are to provide a safe, friendly environment, where people of all ages and backgrounds can take part in a challenging, enjoyable sport. We have two nationally trained coaches and regularly coach beginners at our indoor training facility as well as our outdoor training wood. We encourage our members to enjoy the sport at whichever level suits them. We have members who shoot purely for recreation, others who compete and win at national championship level and every level in between; having said that the sport is about having fun and enjoying yourself.

What is field archery?

Pride Park Archers are members of the National Field Archery Society (NFAS). This is the largest governing body for field archery in Britain. Field Archery is usually done in woodland and involves shooting at targets at unknown distances. The targets are either 2 dimensional printed paper images of animals or lifelike 3 dimensional foam targets. An open shoot competition will normally involve either 36 or 40 targets and will last from around 10 am until 5 pm. A day’s competition normally costs around £7, so it is a very affordable sport, when compared with many others.


The sport of Field Archery has an excellent safety record and the emphasis of every competition is to maintain this.  Every precaution is taken and all courses are checked carefully for potential hazards. All archers are very aware of safety and cannot begin to shoot in competition before passing through a beginners course.

Types of bow and classes:

There are many different types of bow to choose from, from the technically advanced compound bows with release triggers to the more traditional styles like the English long bow or more primitive styles. These are the ten different shooting styles covered by NFAS rules; American Flat Bow (AFB), Bare Bow (BB), Bow Hunter (BH), Compound Limited (CL), Compound Unlimited (CU), Crossbow (XB), Freestyle (FS), Hunting Tackle (HT), Long Bow (LB), Primitive (PV). These ten styles are made up from different combinations of three arrow types and five bow types. Each style has its own set of rules, determining how that style is to be shot.


As with all sports, some people spend very large sums on the most up-to-date, technically advanced, equipment. This is not essential in field archery. An adult can begin the sport with a relatively modest outlay. Our club provides everything for the beginners course and encourages new archers to try a number of styles and develop their ability before deciding on a style and spending their money. Membership of the NFAS, which is compulsory if you want to shoot in competition is £20 per year.

Ages and abilities:

Age is no barrier to field archery; our club members range in age from 3 to 80. Ability does not matter either; you shoot to your level. If you want to just enjoy it and shoot for pleasure that’s fine if you are a little more competitive we can help you to achieve those goals too.